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 2003 (GOAT/RAM) Forecast
1 Feb 2003 to 21 Jan 2004

General Info

The Goat/Ram is a symbol of social success and good career in China.

Generally, a Goat/Ram person is elegant, charming and creative. However, they are the most moody amongst all of the Chinese Horoscope signs.

Goat/Rams are very romantic, gentle caring and endearing but abit bossy.

A Goat/Ram person is quiet, restful, patient, artistic, adaptable and gentle. They are easy going, make friends easily, gentle, compassionate and affectionate.

A Goat/Ram person dislike strict discipline, fond of childen and most of all artistic, creative and fasionable. They also enjoy comfort and love of the home and this is where they really feel safe.

A Goat/Ram person is extremely sensitve and will take comments very personally. They are also dreamers and on occassions are pessimistic and worry for nothing. They can also be lazy and are indecisive.

They are also poor in business as they are disorganized but do make good craftsmans, artists or writers.

Can be moody at times, fear taking the initiative and can be gloomy at times.

Like to be loved and hates to be pushed around.

Order of Animals:  8th
Hour ruled by Goat: 
8th Hour, 1.00 pm to 2.59 pm
8th Moon
1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1991 
End of Summer
Western Zodiac: 
Ruling Planet: 
Lucky Gemstone: 
Famous Personalities: 
Mikhail Gorbachev (Metal Goat), Benito Mussolini (Water Goat) 
Dancing, Music, Writing, Hair Design, Beauty line and the arts.  
slow and steady. Unwilling to job hop or way of life thus is very successful due to their perservarance.
Look for stability and commitment for family. 
Good Husband but tend to be chauvinistic and has high expectations of wife. 
Good wives and mother but need recognition by their husband.

Favourable for

Weak EarthWeak MetalStrong FireStrong Water & Strong Wood. This year is particularly good for Strong Wood person as this is considered a Wealth Year.

Unfavourable for

Strong MetalStrong EarthWeak FireWeak Water, & Weak Wood. This year may see difficulties for particularly Weak Woodperson with possible financial loss.

Favourable Combinations

Persons born in the year of:-



Very favourable for people belonging to any of the above Chinese Animal Sign. As they can get along well with each other.

This means that PIG & GOATRABBIT & GOATSNAKE & HORSEGOAT & HORSE can get together quite well. Excellent Combinations are PIG-GOAT-RABBIT and SNAKE-HORSE-GOAT.

Unfavourable Combinations (Clashes & Harms)

People born in the year of OX (clash) & RAT (harm) will face difficulties in this year.

OX (yin Earth clashes with yin Earth) while RAT (yang Water harms yin Earth).

Worst affected is OX due to a Clash will occur when the pair meets.

Year 2003 Flying Star Analysis


















Sickness and Misfortune Sectors

This year the sickness star has moved to NORTH and the misfortune star has moved to the SOUTH-EAST. Take extra precaution at the NORTH and SOUTH-EAST sectors.

Disputes and Lawsuits Sectors

The presence of the Dispute and Lawsuit Stars in the EAST & SOUTH-WEST.

Cures or Remedies

Cures in the sectors are Metal (ie. 6 Coins tied with red string). However, cures should be used only when you have consulted the 20-year flying star chart together with the yearly chart. It should not be applied independently without knowing what are the stars 20-year stars for each sector.

Grand Duke 2003

Position of Grand Duke: South-South-West 210 Degree
Location in Conflict: West

As far as possible try to avoid disturbing the grand duke by doing any renovations in the South-South-West that is along the 210 degrees.

Wishing you all the very best in the Goat year.

Warmest Regards,


Robert & Cecil Lee

Users Comments
Your services are one of the best I have seen... Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net Hello Robert and Cecil,

I would like to offer compliments. you have a great web site offering excellent content. its focused and comprehensive and distinguished in the field.

In the English speaking world, your services are one of the best I have seen.

I understand you are offering a commercial service, concurrently you also make available informative services to a very large audience, which is excellent.

I feel saddened that there are those western modern stylists who claim to practice fengshui. browsing the on-line sites of these con-artists, they are mere fronts for hawking goods at crazy prices.

I am only curious of how to drive these bad elements out, as they are degrading a very well practiced tradition and cultural asset.

Best Regards,
Scott Chen
8 November 2003